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Barlow close to O's hearts on celebratory night
Never was Monica Barlow's memory on better display than after the Orioles' 8-2 victory over the Blue Jays on Tuesday night, as the O's clinched the American League East with hands full of champagne and their hearts with the longtime public-relations director.

Home field throughout postseason in play for O's
The most superstitious of Orioles fans can begin planning for the postseason. Baltimore clinched the American League East with an 8-2 win over the second-place Blue Jays on Tuesday. In all likelihood, the O's will be hosting one of the AL Division Series.

Turn back the clock: O's return to perch atop AL East
"Happy Days Are Here Again" pumped through the speakers at Camden Yards as thousands of rabid fans stayed on hand to celebrate from the seats and watch Orioles players and front-office staff spill out onto the field in a haze of celebratory champagne and drenched embraces.

Shrewd moves main reason why O's won AL East
Perhaps no playoff team looks as different heading into October than it did at the start of February than the Orioles.

State says young immigrants have been placed with families
Total from Central America resettled in Maryland put at 2,800

Maryland officials said Wednesday that most of the more than 2,800 immigrant children who have come to the state from Central America this year have been resettled with family members.

Maryland GOP says it used Ravens logo without permission
Party admits error in using trademarked material without OK

The Maryland Republican Party admitted Wednesday that it used a trademarked logo of the Baltimore Ravens to raise funds without seeking the team's permission.

Baltimore County man accused of plotting to kill judge faces more charges
Jeffrey Cohen of Indemnity Insurance Corp. indicted on charges of wire fraud and money laundering

The founder of a Baltimore County-based company that provided insurance to nightclubs and bars who was previously charged with misleading regulators now faces additional charges.

Staggered launch could help Md. 'kick the tires' of its new health exchange website
Details remain to be released about the new plan for open enrollment on the state's health insurance exchange

A day after Maryland committed to a gradual launch of its health exchange, state officials are still working out some key details — including where the opening day sign-up will be held — but experts say it could be a way to avoid a repeat of last year's botched rollout. 

Traffic officer hit by car near Camden Yards before Orioles game
DOT employee hospitalized in 'serious' condition, police say

A traffic officer was hit by a car and seriously injured at an intersection near Oriole Park at Camden Yards before the ballgame Wednesday night, Baltimore police said.

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Support mental health or I’ll kill you
Filed under: — Robert Farrow @ 7:01 am

from Powerline

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the bumper sticker proclaiming Support mental health or I’ll kill you, but Vice President Biden is adapting the bumper sticker approach to promoting Obama’s so-called jobs (i.e., Son of Stimulus) bill. Biden suggested last week in Flint, Michigan that more rapes and murders could occur if the bill is not passed. Biden reiterated his warning in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Biden’s approach to promoting Obama’s bill hasn’t elicited the attention or the mockery it deserves. Perhaps it has a grain of truth in its favor. Considering the bill’s union supporters, you never know. But as Biden himself might say: Come on, man. The Democrats’ original so-called stimulus bill of 2009 must have prevented an epidemic of pillage, plunder and rapine.

Shouldn’t the Democrats be claiming credit? Apparently not. A trillion dollars later, murder and rape continue to rise in Flint, according to Biden. Another half trillion of walking around money is called for if Flint is to maintain.

Jason Mattera is the author of Obama Zombies and the editor of Human Events. He is also an indomitable ambush interviewer. Jason caught up with Biden to follow up on Biden’s deep thoughts regarding the so-called jobs bill. “Don’t screw around with me,” Biden warned him.

Don’t screw around with him, or what? That’s where familiarity with the old Support mental health bumper sticker really comes in handy.


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NFL Injury Report (The Associated Press)
NEW YORK (AP) -- The National Football League injury report, as provided by the league (OUT - Definitely will not play; DNP - Did not practice; LIMITED - Limited participation in practice; FULL - Full participation in practice):

Chagrined NFL teams bow to pressure on domestic abuse cases (Reuters)
By Eric Kelsey and Mary Milliken (Reuters) - Another National Football League player was arrested on domestic violence allegations hours after two teams succumbed to public pressure and suspended players enmeshed in similar cases on Wednesday. The charges against Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer of aggravated assault in connection with two alleged incidents of domestic violence in late July come amid intensifying criticism from corporate sponsors and politicians toward America's top sports league. ...

Cardinals' Dwyer arrested on assault charges (The Associated Press)
Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested Wednesday on aggravated assault charges in connection with two altercations at his home in July involving a woman and their 18-month-old child, the latest in a string of such cases involving NFL players. The Cardinals said they became aware of the situation Wednesday and are cooperating with the investigation. The NFL said the case will be reviewed under the league's personal-conduct policy. Authorities depicted a stormy relationship between Dwyer and the woman that escalated into violence on July 21, four days before the Cardinals reported to training camp.

US police arrest NFL player Jonathan Dwyer (AFP)
Los Angeles (AFP) - US police arrested Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals on suspicion of assault, just the latest NFL player to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Can ex-prosecutor help save NFL from itself? (Yahoo Sports)
The league has proven itself inept at understanding abuse and figuring out punishments for various misdeeds. Both need to be addressed urgently. And just because Lisa Friel is a woman doesn't mean she gets a pass; social media and mainstream media will be justifiably skeptical of her every move.

Peterson won't rejoin Vikings until abuse case resolved (AFP)
Minneapolis (AFP) - Adrian Peterson won't rejoin the Minnesota Vikings until the child abuse charge he faces is resolved, the NFL team's owners said Wednesday, admitting their first decision to let him play was wrong.

Column: Time for Goodell to really say something (The Associated Press)
Floyd Mayweather Jr., who has spent some time in jail for abusing women himself, was speaking some truth when he briefly rose to Ray Rice's defense last week while trying to sell some pay-per-views for his latest fight. What went on in Adrian Peterson's household with a defenseless 4-year-old boy had to be so sickening that we can only be thankful there is no video of him wielding the wrong end of a tree branch against his son. Surely the suddenly reclusive Roger Goodell must have understood that, even if the owners of the Minnesota Vikings didn't. Meanwhile, Radisson hotels had already pulled its sponsorship of the team, and major sponsors like Budweiser started making noises that they were getting uncomfortable with the way things were going down in the NFL.

QB Hoyer showing Browns are his team (The Associated Press)
Brian Hoyer won't be hanging out at LeBron James' mansion watching NFL games anytime soon. Johnny Manziel's got all that - and more - to himself. Hoyer, though, has something Johnny Football covets: The Browns are his team. After rallying Cleveland to a 26-24 win Sunday over New Orleans in the home opener, Hoyer became a quarterback in high demand.

A 'second chance' for NFL's Ray Rice not out of the question (Reuters)
By Steve Ginsburg WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In launching a bid to overturn his indefinite suspension from the National Football League, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice may be hoping for the same type of second chance that other tarnished NFL stars like Michael Vick have received. With the backing of the NFL Players Association, Rice on Tuesday filed an appeal of his suspension by Commissioner Roger Goodell for knocking out his then-fiance and now wife in an elevator of a New Jersey casino. ...

Ex-Raven donates kidney to brother, ex-Steeler (The Associated Press)
Off the field, brothers Ma'ake (May-ah-kay) Kemoeatu (Kee-mo-ee-ah-tu), an ex-Baltimore Raven, and Chris Kemoeatu, an ex-Pittsburgh Steeler, are closer than close. When Chris' pro football career was cut short because he needed a kidney transplant, his older brother, whose organ was good match, quit the Ravens and donated his kidney to his 31-year-old brother. University of Maryland Medical Center transplant surgeon Dr. Stephen Bartlett said Wednesday that the surgery done Aug. 27 was a great success, and both brothers are on their way to recovery. ''He couldn't play anymore, and I didn't want to be in a position where he couldn't play but I'd keep playing,'' the 35-year-old former Ravens nose tackle said.

Ravens' Flacco misses practice, should play Sunday (The Associated Press)
Just when the Baltimore Ravens appeared poised for a return to normalcy, Joe Flacco missed practice Wednesday with an unspecified illness. The durable quarterback is expected to play Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, but his absence was unusual and completely out of character. Flacco hasn't missed a start since launching his career during the first week of his rookie season in 2008. ''It was weird,'' defensive tackle Haloti Ngata said.

Pro Bowl linebacker Vontaze Burfict suffers second concussion in as many weeks (Shutdown Corner)
Lost in the dark clouds of Ray Rice's videotaped domestic violence and Adrian Peterson's alleged child abuse hanging over the NFL for the first two weeks of the season is the damage players are inflicting on each other every Sunday, and Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is the latest victim — again. Burfict suffered his second concussion in as many weeks, acording to the Bengals' official website . The 2013 Pro Bowl selection left Sunday's 24-10 win over the Atlanta Falcons when a teammate's knee collided with his helmet. The injury was originally described as "a stinger," but concussion symptoms led to a second such diagnosis, preventing Burfict from practicing on Wednesday. The undrafted third-year outside linebacker also suffered a concussion during a collision with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in Cincinnati's Week 1 victory. Doctors cleared him to play five days later. According to brainfacts.org , " Studies show repeat concussions lead to severe long-term symptoms and longer recovery times," and, " experiencing multiple concussions before the brain has had time to fully heal can lead to more significant and potentially long-term changes in the brain." Even if he  clears the NFL's concussion protocol for a second straight week, t he question going forward probably shouldn't be about whether Burfict should play Week 3 against the Tennessee Titans, but rather about the dangers of potentially suffering three or more concussions throughout an entire season. While the concussion epidemic has taken a backseat to Rice and Peterson in recent weeks — and rightfully so, since there's a difference between defenseless victims and willing participants in a violent game — the league's weekly head-on collisions still lurk as a serious issue for all players going down that NFL road. (h/t ProFootballTalk )
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